Author Agreement Form Ep Europace

EP Europace operates a web-based submission and peer review system, Editorial Manager. This system aims to reduce the processing time for manuscripts. The Journal does not require that the first filing of an article be formatted in the Ep Europace style. For more details, see “First Deposit of Articles.” The text, tables and illustrations must be written in accordance with the instructions below under “Creating Manuscripts.” The authors thank Mr. Nicolas Canot, Clinical Study Manager, Xavier Laroche, Head of Home Follow-up, and Sophie Bader, Clinical Research Associate, for their support in carrying out the OEDIPE study. You are asked to provide information about your manuscript and then attach your files with the text and all the numbers and tables. Editorial Manager creates a PDF file from your data in which the manuscript is made available to editors and arbitrators during the peer review process. All texts and illustrations must be provided in appropriate electronic formats (instructions for creating additional data are available here). All documents to be considered as additional data must be submitted at the same time as the main manuscript for peer review. It cannot be amended or replaced after the adoption of the publication document. During the presentation, please clearly state the material specific to the complementary data. Also make sure that additional data is mentioned in the main manuscript, if any. If you wish, tables and illustrations can be prepared and deposited in separate files.

Electronically transmitted numbers must be available in high resolution and in one of the following formats: tiff, bitmap (.bmp), jpg (.jpg), postscript (.ps or .eps) or in the form of PowerPoint or Excel files. (If the manuscript is accepted, the original photos may be required to be used in the manufacturing process.) Tables can be presented as Word tables or in .rtf format. Publication Ethics and Misbehaviour Statement Open Access Forms Option for Authors Manuscript Deposit Article Categories Self-archiving and post-print Improve readership and quotes from your research articles Increase furthermore all authors must submit a conflict of interest statement to be published at the end of their article. If no conflict of interest is reported, the article states: An author`s declaration form signed by all authors stating that they have seen and approved the document and that the book has not been and will not be published elsewhere should be mailed to the editor. For more information and examples of availability guidelines, click here. PDF proofs are emailed to the author concerned. Significant changes (except for sentence error corrections) that the author reaches the proof stage are billed to the author. Supporting documents must be returned within 2 business days of receiving Oxford Journals. The evidence is also read by the editor, who reserves the right to make a final decision. We will review the first original articles and entries of verification articles in which the manuscript file is not formatted according to the formatting of the ep Europace magazine. Manuscripts can be submitted in any current document format that can be easily opened and read by others. A single PDF or Word file is usually reliable.

A statement regarding the consent of informed patients must be included in the manuscript under the title “consent.” Completed authorization forms should not be forwarded to the registration. Completed forms must be kept by the locally approved processing body. The authorization form must be provided to the newspaper editor on express request.

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