Define Moratorium Agreement

May, “RDL 19/2020”), which completed the regime of mortgage and non-mortgage moratoriums, regulated in March 2020 (see here). What are the changes? There is no change in the previous “legal” mortgage and non-mortgage moratorium. However, RDL 19/2020 clarifies that the moratorium covers financial leasing contracts without mortgages, a topic that has sparked much discussion. The main thing that this new RDL 19/2020 does is that financial companies that comply with sectoral framework agreements supported by their representative associations have the possibility to broaden the scope of the moratorium from a subjective and objective point of view. It is also often used occasionally to propose an informal ban on something, as in Can we put in place a moratorium on the use of the word awesomesauce? In this sense, it`s typically like a fun way to say, let`s stop doing it forever….

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