Do Lodgers Need A Tenancy Agreement

A landlord and a tenant have a license instead of a lease. Unlike tenants who need standard notice before they can distribute them, sub-tenants can only get reasonable notice to ask them to leave at any time. It`s usually 28 days, but can be shorter. As a landlord, you should have your tenant sign a license setting out the conditions of stay in your property and outlining the rules before they move in. If you have a rollover agreement, your landlord can increase your rent at any time. You might wonder to leave if you don`t accept the increase. If you have a periodic agreement, you must grant the notice period set out in your agreement. If the agreement does not provide for the required notice period, it depends on whether you have an excluded rental agreement or an excluded license. If your tenant doesn`t leave, if you ask him, you need to get a court order to dislodge him…

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