Dppa Umbrella Agreement

The full text of the US-EU Agreement on the Protection of Personal Data in the Prevention, Investigation, Detection and Prosecution of Criminal Offences (Umbrella Agreement) was first published by Statewatch. On 14 September 2015, the European Parliament published the unofficial version of the agreement. EPIC wants the document to be published by US and European agencies. Although the main points of this agreement have been examined, the written draft can take up to three months, as Commissioner Věra Jourová said. Group 29 will advise the College of Commissioners on this matter before adopting the formal decision. In addition, the agreement must withstand scrutiny by the ECJ. The $2.8 million agreement aims to strengthen, strengthen and consolidate national capacities for conflict prevention in fragile countries in conflict, as well as in countries in situations of political instability or difficult transition. . . .

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