Emblem Health Collaborative Agreement

As part of this agreement, the parties will focus on each other to manage patient access, care costs and better outcomes. The partnership has already made tangible progress; Emergency room reception has been reduced by almost 10 per cent at sites where the two organizations have cooperated fully. In February 2016, EmblemHealth announced a new partnership with New York City and the Municipal Labor Committee to allow for expanded access to health care. [15] The partnership was also developed to support the city`s goal of reducing costs for nyc. [16] By focusing heavily on preventive and primary care – such as $0 of copay and telemedicine – Emblem has worked with the city and its unions to develop new accessible benefits for city employees and their families. “The two organizations have pooled our skills and help each other to improve the promise of integration and coordination of care across a continuum,” said Michael Dowling, President and CEO of Northwell Health. “We have created a synergy in which we add value to each other on behalf of the patients we both serve. In this time of market volatility, it is great to have a long-standing relationship with the emblem, which continues to add value to all stakeholders, especially patients who need coordinated, accessible and affordable health services. GHI , originally called the New York Group Health Association – was founded in 1937 to give families working in New York City access to health care, regardless of their cost. This new health model – based on a network of participating providers – was a precursor to the current preferred supplier organization (PPO).

[3] In November 2012, EmblemHealth began to establish a community presence in its field of service by introducing a hybrid coordination and wellness program called Neighborhood Care. The first two neighborhood care facilities were in Harlem and Cambria Heights in Queens. Two other neighborhood care sites were installed in Chinatown[9] in December 2013 and Crown Heights in April 2016. [10] Each outreach office is a stationary retail site for health care, where members and non-members can benefit from medical advice, transfer assistance, medication assistance and links to appropriate social services. Institutions will also hold information sessions, health screenings, health and wellness activities, movement courses and sponsorships for local agricultural markets. [11] Like you, HealthCarePartners (HCP) is taking all necessary steps to ensure that all members have access to the services they need during the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). We appreciate your partnership when it comes to taking care of our members every day. During this public health crisis, we must ensure that we jointly support the health and well-being of patients and eliminate all barriers to care. EmblemHealth is one of the best known and largest health insurance companies in the United States. Its head office is located in downtown Manhattan, New York. They partner with New York City and the Municipal Labour Committee to improve access to health care. The company was founded from a merger of GHI-HIP, which were two very popular insurance providers in the five NYC municipalities.

Members of EmblemHealth in all of our product lines do not have cost-sharing (including co-payments, insurance or deductibles) for telehealth visits on the network. These visits are not cost-sharing, whether or not this visit involves testing for COVID-19. Members with a performance plan including the Teladoc program also do not have cost-sharing for Teladoc visits. The exemption from cost-sharing in the field of telehealth may not apply to ASO plans.

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