Fedex Collective Bargaining Agreement

The past year has offered FedEx Express pilots both opportunities and challenges, as the pilots` Master Executive Council (MEC) has continued to build on the previous year`s work. The year began with the continuation of negotiations to improve the pilots` retirement plan outside the normal negotiations provided for in paragraph 6. The MEC hoped that management would recognize the contributions of the pilots while supporting the company`s bottom line. However, after a few months, management noted to the MEC that it was not in a position to continue the evaluation of the proposed piloted pension plan with reference to current economic conditions. Despite management`s decision, the MEC reiterated its message that retirement is a cornerstone of the contract and is a topic that will not go away. In August, the union announced that it had reached a collective agreement with FedEx, which still needs to be approved by the union`s executive board. The ratification continues the progress of employment contracts with American Airlines since the merger with US Airways was completed on December 9, 2013. Negotiations are underway for joint cabin crew and pilot agreements and processes are underway to ensure that joint collective agreements are soon reached for these groups. The FedEx Master Executive Council “unanimously supported” the deal with management, said Courtney Bland, the union`s communications strategist. The agreement is concluded before the main holiday period for the delivery company.

Negotiations on the pact started in 2011 and formal negotiations started in January 2013. Both parties entered into mediation proceedings following FedEx`s submission to the National Mediation Board in October 2014. The collective agreement provides the following benefits: the cabin crew of Piedmont Airlines (2nd) (US Airways Express) (US Airways Express) (Salisbury), a 100% subsidiary of the American Airlines Group, represented by the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA-CWA), voted in favor of ratifying a new five-year collective agreement, which was reached on March 6. The new treaty was ratified by the 180 cabin crew members of the Harrisburg-based company, the AP. Salisbury, MA; Charlottesville, VA; Roanoke, VA and New Berne, NC. The Icelandair Group (Icelandair) (Keflavik) and the Icelandic Airline Pilots Association (FIA) have signed a provisional collective agreement valid until 30 September 2017. The agreement is now before FIA members who will vote on the agreement. Cabin crew members at the United subsidiary ratified a new four-year contract in February 2012 and cabin crew at the Continental subsidiary ratified an extension to its collective agreement last week. The collective agreement will remain in effect until December 1, 2017. The range of benefits of the collective agreement is unprecedented in the aviation industry.

To date, Aeroflot`s expenses for maintaining these benefits exceed 3 billion rubles per year. American Airlines (Dallas/Fort Worth) and the Professional Flight Association (APFA) have reached a preliminary agreement on a new collective agreement for more than 24,000 cabin crew. MEMPHIS, N.Y.-(BUSINESS WIRE) — On Wednesday, Aug. 19, FedEx pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int`l (ALPA), entered into a Preliminary Agreement (TA) with FedEx management for an amended collective agreement. The parties have been actively negotiating since 2011. Discussions began in 2011 as part of a specific interim agreement initially reached by both sides to help narrow down the area of outstanding issues in order to conclude formal negotiations in a timely manner. Formal negotiations began in January 2013, when the Section 6 openers were exchanged with management. On October 31, 2014, FedEx management requested mediation from the National Mediation Board (NMB) and negotiations were conducted under the direction of NMB. . . .

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