Sender Agreement Not Found

One thing in all of the implementation that I`ve noticed is that I had to keep a separate RFC channel for each transmitter interface, simply because the way RFC works for the sender needs an independent channel, as RFC can`t share a common channel between ECC and IP. ? At least the name of the interface and the sending service must be qualified in the shipping agreement. All other fields are optional under the general rules for defining shipping agreements. We try to arhcive the files of a transmitter system with the option “Archive Files on SFTP transmitters”, which is available on the SFTP channel in advanced mode. We use ASMA to get a dynamic file name. We have also paved the way for archiving. This is an IDOC to File scenario with xml-HTTP-port on the transmitter side and also the IDOC bundling concept. Create the type of data, message type and service interface for the recipient page. Create an external message for the sender page (IDOC grouping). If you see below, when I tried to open the destination of the recipient or recipient of the configuration scenerio approval,I have this error below. I just found a way to write messages from the assignment to the RWB monitoring protocol using the Java AuditAccess class.

You want it useful for you. Here is the tutorial when XSLT is used. When it comes to assigning messages or assigning Java, the process is almost identical. 1. Have you established a sending agreement for your scenario? The chain agreement has not been found? An operating system command specified here is executed before or after the message processing, which has been found in a version. The default is an empty chain (no command). Create the transmitter agreement, the recipient`s determination, the interface determination and the receiving agreement in a normal way. The XXXX chain service cannot be converted into a logical DAL system Is just a complement, I have configured an extension agreement in the directory with the sender service as an SAP activity system, transmitter interface as an outgoing synchronous interface that I created with RFC structures of needs and responses.

This means that no recipient could be found. Check your destination. Turn on and update the cache. Asysnchron messages can be restarted manually.

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