Us International Postal Agreement

Under the agreement, major importers of mail and parcels could begin introducing “self-reported rates” for foreign mail distribution from January 2021. There is a five-year-old child for the phasing in of new taxes. The Universal Postal Congress is the most important body of the UPU. The main objective of the four-year congress is to examine proposals to amend the upU`s actions, including the UPU Constitution, general regulations, the convention and the postal services agreement. The Congress also serves as a forum for participating member countries to discuss a wide range of issues related to international postal services, such as market trends, regulation and other policy issues. The first UPU congress was held in Bern in 1874. Delegates from 22 countries attended. UPU conventions are held every four years and delegates often receive special philatelic albums produced by member countries for the period since the last Congress. [42] The new agreement comes because the Trump administration is involved in a trade dispute with China, and senior officials said the current system would primarily benefit China, Singapore and some European countries like France and Germany. These countries benefit from a 40-70% discount on packages weighing 4.4 pounds or less, officials said. Faced with such difficulties in changing mail with Europe, the United States had already taken the lead and called for improved international postal agreements. General Montgomery Blair, postmaster of the United States, called for an international postal congress in 1863. At their meeting in Paris, delegates defined some general principles of post-cooperation, but failed to agree.

[10] Here are five possible effects of higher tariffs for international shipping under the UPU treaty. Initially, the new rates will be limited to 70% of national rates, with the possibility of increasing by 1% each year to 80%, meaning that some international shippers will retain the advantage challenged by the administration, which is only a much smaller advantage. The German victory in the Franco-German war removed obstacles to a postal union. After the victory over Napoleon III in 1870, the Confederation of Northern Germany and the southern German states joined forces to form the German Empire. Deutsche Reichspost set uniform shipping rates and rules for the new country, but uniformity ended at the German border. According to the ship carrying the letter across the Atlantic, different amounts were needed to send a letter from Berlin to New York. [11] In order to put the international post office system in order, the German postmaster Heinrich von Stephan called 1874 to another international congress of the post office. [11] “The Postal Service would like to thank President Trump for his leadership in solving an intractable problem with the long-standing, long-standing International Payment System for Small Parcels, which has been extremely difficult to resolve,” said Postmaster Megan Brennan.

“We are very pleased that the Member States of the Universal Postal Union have reached an agreement that addresses the concerns of the United States and other countries regarding this payment system.” One of the important results of the contract was that it was no longer necessary to affix stamps from countries that passed a package during transit. The UPU provides that stamps from member countries are accepted along the entire international route. To facilitate international delivery, the 192 UPU member countries are committed to honouring each other`s port. In return, recipient countries receive terminal charges to cover their delivery costs. The UPU also sets standards for international delivery. The group is tidying up the process of sending letters and small parcels across national borders.

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