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Laura was able to put me on track after close to derailing!

Laura was able to put me on track after close to derailing! As my client base grew, I didn't realize I needed a new system to keep my business "in order" and things were starting to unravel internally. Laura was able to target my biggest obstacles and provide solutions to keep me on top of my game. The help she provided was instrumental in the success of my growing business. I save time looking for things, keep to a tighter schedule and provide more time for my clients needs. Dr. DeClutter prescribed the medicine I desperately needed!

Sue G

My life is better because of Laura!

Laura Savino is a "powerhouse"!  She sees the big picture and knows how to communicate with me in a way that helps me shift from being overwhelmed to being organized and productive. She creates systems that work that I can easily use and maintain.  An added bonus is I frequently contact her with questions I don't have answers for and she researches to provide me options so I can make solid decisions in my business and personal life.  My life is better because of Laura!

Vicky D.

Her advice is constructive and practical

I’ve known Laura professionally since I was the managing partner of a 25 lawyer legal firm.  My personality could be classified as a consummate saver who did not throw anything out.  Laura developed a plan to help me overcome this procrastination habit of not making decisions on the spot.  I found her advice constructive and practical.

She has patience which compliments her organizing, research, and trouble shooting skills.  Laura is a person of high character and honesty who puts you at ease.  She is an intelligent solutions provider and I do not hesitate to recommend her.

Edward R. Scheine, Esq.

Laura takes the time to research

Laura has the ability to take a situation and evaluate it based on the physical and behavioral components.  She solves disorganization issues with a psychoanalysis approach to suggest appropriate solutions to the situation whether it be physical, emotional, or “brain clutter.”

When we do our “Think Out Loud” sessions, I always come away with a better understanding of the “why” of the challenge I’m faced with and how to resolve it.  Laura takes the time to research various options that we discuss together to find the best possible solution.

Karen (Legal)

Laura can simplify the most hard-pressed issues

Thanks Laura!  After discussing my latest complication with you I was able to clear up the problem in an organized manner.  Our conversations on this matter were very helpful as well as relaxing.  When taking advice from you, it seems to flow like water.

You have a way of simplifying the most hard-pressed issues.  Thank you for your professionalism and sincerity!

Steve G. (Furniture)

Laura can break down complex issues and chunk them down to manageable ones.

Laura Savino has been working as an Organizing Consultant par excellence for many years.  She is adept at sifting through projects large and small in an effort to declutter and create order out of chaos.

What sets Laura apart from other organizers is her desire to delve into any stumbling blocks, both emotional and physical, and do the research necessary to make informed decisions on how to move forward.  No question is too large for her to tackle.

Laura can break down complex issues and chunk them down to manageable ones.  Her troubleshooting skills along with her desire to truly do whatever needs to be done to get the job completed make her a valuable part of any organizational project.

Carolyn (Medical)
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