Yta Collective Agreement

“The new agreement resolves many outstanding issues to the satisfaction of both parties, and I look forward to continuing to work together to achieve the best outcomes for Yukon students.” YTA President Sue Ross told the star on Wednesday that the government`s decision to release job postings is a turning point from practices introduced in the last hiring season following the implementation of the collective agreement. The YTA says this violates its collective agreement, which promises priority at work for teachers in the system before vacancies are posted publicly. The new agreement must be implemented within 90 days. Ross told the star she was surprised by the meeting, which she said violated the collective agreement, which states that workers represented by the YTA have the right to unlimited re-employment without competition for a period of two years after their dismissal. The agreement extends the additional benefits for employees on maternity and parental leave throughout the calendar year and not just during the school year. The Yukon Teachers` Union went to court, alleging that the Yukon government`s hiring plans violated its collective agreement. “We are pleased to have reached an agreement that supports our teachers and school staff in our efforts to ensure Yukon learners have the skills and knowledge they need to lead happy and healthy lives. By the time substitute teachers are admitted to the YTA, the collective agreement includes approximately 900 principals, vice-principals, teachers, teaching assistants, healing teachers and Indigenous language teachers across Yukon. Although she now has an apprenticeship contract, Lester still sees the provision in the new collective agreement as a positive development. In May 2018, negotiations began to replace the old collective agreement that expired in June 2018. The revised agreement contains a number of provisions.

These include changes to maternity and parental leave, as well as the establishment of criteria for the conversion of temporary agency workers into permanent employees. YTA`s petition was to be scheduled for 25. It was cancelled after the parties reached an agreement. “I would like to thank the bargaining teams for their professionalism and diligence in reaching a fair and financially responsible collective agreement that meets the needs of Yukon educators,” said Richard Mostyn, Minister responsible for PESCO. However, the YTA`s new collective agreement, which members voted to ratify on Jan. 14, includes a provision allowing the Yukon government to amend the territory`s Education Labour Relations Act to allow substitute teachers to join the YTA. The union says this is a violation of its collective agreement and threatens to cause “irreparable” damage to its reputation. The Yukon Teachers` Association and the Government of Yukon have reached an out-of-court settlement in a legal dispute over layoffs and hiring practices. (Crystal Schick/Yukon News) The agreement also brings YTA employees to a bi-weekly payroll system to ensure they are paid throughout the year, rather than just during the school year. .

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